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At this time, we're hard at work bringing you details about the GREEN BLANKETS world tour. However, due to contract disputes, copyright infringement, and a terrible case of spontaneous human combustion, we were forced to remove much of the more interesting information from this page. What remains are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) - aside from what resembles a green globule. Well, it's actually really more like a stain...

What/Who are the GREEN BLANKETS?
Many people have posed this question. Physically speaking, they are quite literally woven pieces of wool (or other semi-organic thread or twine) used to keep one warm on a cold night. However, in the minds of their creators such objects transcend the mere physical. They fervently blend unique rhythms and aharmonic tones to produce something that can't - and shouldn't - be described.

This is not to say that the GREEN BLANKETS are without musical taste. 'Without taste' is the realm of such things as water, tofu, and Las Vegas. Quite the contrary. With influences ranging from classical piano to modern electronica, Tibetan monk chants to sub-saharan melodies, the sounds of one hand clapping and fallen trees in a lonely forest, the conventional definition of music is given a complete overhaul.
Where did the GREEN BLANKETS come from?
There are those who will say they came from a faraway land - full of corruption and greed. Most now call this place 'New Jersey.'

The most plausible explanation is as follows:

In a time long forgotten, several travelers were to embark upon a great journey. In preparation, they hastened to make fast the ropes and ready their vessels. One of then cried out "Hast thou stowed the GREEN BLANKETS?" Upon hearing these words, one of the travelers froze - stunned and amazed. "Couldst this be yon lyric for which I have yearned so?" Undaunted, she approached and asked if the GREEN BLANKETS were makers of mystical music, perhaps a group of sorcerers and bards. Without pause, answers poured forth in what first seemed to be cryptic form. "Of course! They penned 'Coverest Me' and 'Warm Friend on thy Cold Night.'" Another was heard to say "Aye - Methinks they're wandrin' o'er the valley with a band 'o bards who call 'emselves 'RUG!'" This was too much for the young one to take. Throwing her hands in the air, she cried out "Sweet mystery of life, at last I've found thee!" as she ran away to the hills - never to be seen again.
Can I learn the ways of the GREEN BLANKETS?
Many have tried, and even more have failed. It is far easier to master the ways of Tai-Kwan-Leap than to embark upon the treacherous roads of their ways. The few that have learned their way are forever changed - and sometimes are unable to cope successfully with their existence upon seeing what they have become. We strongly advise potential candidates to master the techniques of long-term underwater basket weaving before considering thinking about possibly contemplating this path.
Where can I find the GREEN BLANKETS?
They can be found everywhere (for starters, look in small closets and attics). As the legend indicates, they were touring with RUG, covering the landscape and spreading their unusual style. They called it the "Threadbare Tour" for good reason. Covering the globe with warmth and comfort, their influence has been felt in US cities such as San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, and even Charlottesville. Keep an eye out for them, for you never know where they'll show up next!

Some of them will occasionally move about the circles of "conventional" music. Whether it be musical theater or the harder edge of big hair 80's metal from New Jersey, their influence is definitive and unmistakable. Usually heavy, and sometimes itchy.

These forays provide perspective and time to reflect on the purity of their own unique sound. In late fall, you may be able to catch a glimpse of them nestled among the musical masses, as a pine cone among the needles.

A small radio station in Seattle was recently granted a rare visit from one of the GREEN BLANKETS early members. Listen here!
Can I hire the GREEN BLANKETS?
The GREEN BLANKETS are not for hire. They are as free as the wind that blows through the forest and the water that flows beneath the sea. They do not subscribe to the principles of modern capitalism, yet easily conform to the shape of the average recliner.
If they do not subscribe to the principles of modern capitalism, then why do they have a domain name that ends with .com?
Many people assume that the .com domain name refers to commercial entities. The GREEN BLANKETS do not subscribe to these theories. They shunned such institutional thought, preferring to redefine and create their own version of this widely accepted suffix. In the realm of the GREEN BLANKETS, the .com refers to combination, to community and to nothing more than "com" itself. As "dot-com" has come to symbolize the internet-connected world, so does the com symbolize the connected nature of their music and being.
To understand this is to know them. Nothing more can be said.
How many are they?
We cannot say. Some speculate their numbers to be as many as the stars. Nobody knows for sure.
What does their music sound like?
Their music is such as to be different for every person. Whereas the sonic definition is supposed to be identical in the physical realm, it's individual interpretation varies greatly. Simply put, chicken is chicken; but does it taste exactly the same to you as it does to another?

Those who have heard them have used such varying descriptions as "... A massive whoooosh of sound ..." or "... a gentle stream of creamed spinach..." Each person hears something different, something unique and personal.
Where can I buy a CD of their music?
To date, conventional technology is unable to capture their music's nuance, detail, and energy. For this reason, there are currently no plans to record their music. Several attempts were made in past years, and each time the equipment exploded in a shower of sparks. After the third try it simply became too expensive for the studios. Most of the technicians walked away from their recording consoles muttering profanities and the term "static electricity". We have yet to figure out exactly what they meant.