A Journey ...

In the spring of 2001, I decided to pick up my life and take it on a journey. Webster defines a journey as follows:

jour'ney, n.; pl. jour'neys, [ME. journee, jorney; O Fr. journee, jornee; hyp. LL. diurnata, a day's journey, day's work, from L. diurnus, daily.]
1. a day's work or travel. [Obs.]
2. travel from one place to another; passage; trip; as, a journey from London to Paris
3. figuratively, passage through life.

I originally saw the trip in terms of the second definition - literal travel from one place to another. However, as time went on, I realized that there was more to it than just travel between points in space. It became a transition from the existence of the US east coast to what was then the unknowns of the west. I could almost imagine what the settlers felt as they trekked across the plains in search of a new home. Of course, they didn't have the luxury of air conditioning and Wendy's.

When I finally decided to move from the safe confines of Hoboken (yes, the same Hoboken referred to in that Bugs Bunny cartoon, "8 Ball Bunny"), I decided that instead of selling my luxury vehicle I would drive it across the country. What better a way to see the world than as it speeds by at 75 mph? Incidentally, For those who do not know, my luxury vehicle happens to have been a Toyota Tercel.

Besides simply providing a bridge between places, this journey was an opportunity to visit with both friends and family, to reconnect with people with whom I had lost touch. What better an opportunity than a trip across the US to visit and catch up with people while decompressing from the pressures of working in the "city that never sleeps?"

Enough of the rambling. Here are some of the pictures that I took along the way, more or less in chronological order.

Yes, Todd, it will be a dance club someday - for now, Jersey City owns it
Hence the term "Blue Ridge" mountains
Country relaxation at John's place in Charlottesville.

I thought the Rendezvous was down a dark alley, Todd

How 'bout some BBQ on Beale Street in Memphis

This one's for you, Stevie C!

Let us all pay homage to "The King" - uh huh.

...just in case you were all shook up.

It was a dark and stormy night...or in this case, day.

...and then the clouds parted...

...revealing fields of gold.

You guessed it, we're in Texas.

Just over 1 lb.

The proud parents.

...driving through the panhandle of Texas ...

...to Taliesen West.

More Frank Lloyd Wright...

Ok, this is the last Taliesen West picture. Really!

Driving the scenic route through some Arizona hills...

...to the Petrified Forest...

...and Painted Desert.

Watching the sun go down.

The Grand Canyon, at first glance a big hole in the ground.

It is the desert, after all.

Heading down the Bright Angel Trail...

...stopping for a moment to take in view...

...after view after view...

... trekking below the canyon rim...

...gazing in wonder at the spectacle around me...

...the rock walls, only a small distance down (stopping to catch my breath)...

...feeling humbled by such a spectacle of nature.

Just some dam pictures...

...of the dam turbines that make the power...

...and some nice little dam power transformers.

Remembering those who built the dam.

It's a long dam way down!

The dam-ed river, flowing away from the dam.

One of the best places to stop for Greek food in the desert!

Finally, a new home for these well-used boots.